Spoff Parks is a reliable, experienced & creative company specializing in high quality concrete Skateparks. We are all 100% Skateboarders! Our ambition is to create and build fun but at the same time challenging Skateparks where you can go to just to cruise around and have a good time or practice and learn new tricks- no matter how good you are on a skateboard!



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Wolfgang Enöckl

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Matthew Collins

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Elias Assmuth

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Frido Fiebinger

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Niko Katranas


Konstanziagasse Skatepark/Vienna 2020

Copa Beach Skateplaza Wien/Vienna, 2020

Naila Slatepark, Bayern/Bavaria, 2020

Kendlerpark 1160 Wien/Vienna, 2019

Museum 1040 Wien , Karlsplatz 2019

Lanzenkirchen/Wr.Neustadt-Land/lower Austria 2019

Leitzersdorf/lower Austria 2019

Enns-Skatepark / Upper Austria 2018

Traviatagasse 1230 Wien “Skateisland” / Austria 2018

Selb “Wavegarden” / Bavaria 2018

Biebersbach / Bavaria 2018

Deutsch Brodersdorft / Lower Austria 2017


Linz “grüne Mitte” / Austria 2017

Marktredwitz / Bavaria 2017

Loretto-Plaza / Floridsdorf – Wien / Vienna 2016-2017

Schwarzach in Vorarlberg-Projekt 2016

Gmunden privat Skatebowl “5Boro Skateshop” 2016

St.Marx-Projekt 2016

Währinger Skate Park 1180 Wien/Vienna 2015

Keller-Projekt Hütteldorf 2014

Selb, Germany “Wavegarden” 2013


In The Park

Below you can watch Video-Clips filmed in Skateparks built by SPOFF PARKS

Währinger Skatepark Construction Site 

by “Frido Fiebinger”

Linz “”Grüne Mitte” Skatepark

by “Nostalgiaskateboarding”

Loretto Skateplaza

by  “frame fatale” x “d.arkitect”

Währinger Skatepark 

 by “Clearout”


Keller Clip “Ten Tricks with Frido Fiebinger”

by “Frido Entertainment”