We are a young, creative & reliable company specializing in high quality concrete skateparks. But most of all, we are 100% skateboarders – we only build parks that we would be stoked to skate! Our ambition is to create and build fun but at the same time challenging skateparks. Skateparks you can go to, just to cruise around and have a good time or practice and learn new tricks, no matter how good you are on a skateboard!



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Wolfgang Enöckl

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Matthew Collins

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Elias Assmuth

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Frido Fiebinger


Deutsch Brodersdorft / Lower Austria 2017

Linz “grüne Mitte” / Austria 2017

Marktredwitz / Bavaria 2017

Loretto-Plaza / Floridsdorf – Wien / Vienna 2016-2017

Schwarzach in Vorarlberg-Projekt 2016

Gmunden privat Skatebowl “5Boro Skateshop” 2016

St.Marx-Projekt 2016

Währinger Skate Park 1180 Wien/Vienna 2015

Keller-Projekt Hütteldorf 2014

Selb, Germany “Wavegarden” 2013


In The Park

Below you can watch Video-Clips filmed in Skateparks built by SPOFF PARKS

Währinger Skatepark Construction Site 

by “Frido Fiebinger”

Linz “”Grüne Mitte” Skatepark

by “Nostalgiaskateboarding”

Loretto Skateplaza

by  “frame fatale” x “d.arkitect”

Währinger Skatepark 

 by “Clearout”


Keller Clip “Ten Tricks with Frido Fiebinger”

by “Frido Entertainment”